As a librarian, two of my greatest loves in life are reading stories and archiving information into a meaningful and easy-to-use fashion. As a Simmer, I love reading (and creating!) stories that follow Sim creations going about their lives within the various worlds of the Sims games. But it can be a bit overwhelming; there are a multitude of great sites out there dedicated to storytelling using Sims games, but it can be difficult to find them.

The Stories and Legacies Index aims to catalogue every user-submitted link focused around storytelling using any of The Sims games. It does not matter if your story is plot-driven, game-driven, a combination of both, told completely with images, told completely with text, told with a mixture of text and images, or even is a video Let’s Play series or challenge, it is welcome here! Please read through the submission guidelines. You will find the submission forms following the guidelines.


  • If you wish to be included in the index, then fill in the submission form listed below in the “Submission Form” section. Under “Is this a new entry or are you amending a previous entry?” select “New Entry” from the drop-down box.
  • If your site is already listed with the index and you would like to change information in your listing (for example, your link has changed, or you are no longer updating your site, or you would like to add new search tags), use the submission form below and under “Is this a new entry or are you amending a previous entry?” select “Amendment” from the drop-down box.
  • Only complete a form for your own website. Do not make submissions for sites of friends or other story sites in the Sims community that you simply enjoy. If you have been asked by another user to submit an entry for them, please instead direct them to this site. As a cataloger, it is important that I make sure I have the direct permission of the author to have their work included in the index.
  • This index is only for sites devoted to Sims-related storytelling, whether that be in the form of screen captures with text captions, screen captures with novel-style prose, comics, fanfiction, or video-format Let’s Plays and challenge series. Your story may be the written chronicles of a legacy, a challenge log, an interactive reality series or game show, or something completely original! It does not matter if your writing is plot-driven or game-driven, or a combination of both. No matter what format or style you choose to present your work, as long as you are chronicling the story of a Sim, your work is welcome here! Sites focused on Sims news, opinions, technical help, modding, building, or modeling/CAS should not be submitted to the index, unless they also contain story-specific content as well.
  • Please do not submit a Sims story site that is still under construction or in development. The site must have some story material available to be submitted to the Stories and Legacies Index. Please make sure at least a prologue or single chapter is completed and available to read on the site before submitting it to the index. Please do not submit your site if you only have character bios or a plot teaser available.
  • There is no minimum update requirement to list your story with the Stories and Legacies Index! Any stories that have not received an update for three consecutive months will move to the Story Archive section of the site automatically. If a story moved to the Archive receives an update at a later date, it will automatically be moved back into the main story index listing at that time.
  • Please be aware that the index will be checked periodically to make sure that the links are still valid. Any invalid links will be removed without warning. Please note that any sites set to private viewing are treated as broken links and will be removed without warning.
  • Any author that frequently creates new stories and then deletes the content, causing the links to go invalid, will lose their privilege to be listed with the Stories and Legacies Index.
  • I am a full-time librarian when I’m not cataloging Sim stories in my free time. If you do not see your link in the index listing immediately, do not fret that something is wrong! Though I’m a busy lady, I do strive to keep things as up-to-date as possible. Please allow a few weeks for me to add your information. I typically update in the evening, Mountain Time.

Submission Form